The Temptations’ Unchained Battle Cry, “War”

Nineteen sixty-nine, the newly christened socially conscious, psychedelic Temptations are given first crack at the Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong-penned crusade against bloodshed in Vietnam for Psychedelic Shack - the third album featuring the rumbling vocal attack of soul belter Dennis Edwards. For their rendition The Tempts’ give “War” a boot camp shelling complete with urgent get-up-and-go vocals, fiery backing and sergeant major shouts, "hup, two, three, four.”

The track was so potent that Motown received thousands of letters begging them to release "War" as a single. Motown’s management viewed the song as too controversial, handing it off to Agent-Double-O-Soul, Edwin Starr to inject it with his own venomous punch.

Take Up Thy Rock 'N Roll Stethoscope and Walk,

Enjoy this single cc

The Temptations-War by doctormooney

MP3: The Temptations – “War”

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