Get To Know Bo Diddley’s Amplified Heat Wave, “I Can Tell”

A minor hit for the rock ‘n roll swashbucklers Johnny & the Pirates, resuscitated by UK punk trailblazers Dr. Feelgood. But neither could match the signature two-bit, freight train beat of Bo Diddley – Rock’s mad scientist and founding father’s take on “I Can Tell.”

Recorded on June 27, 1962, the “You Can’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” B-Side is musical hypnosis at its finest: Diddley dispatches rumbling vocals, coupled with veiled heartache and the backing deploys trancelike riptide-ridden rhythms. Focus on the inextinguishable blend of hypnotizing tremolo and bottom that seeks like a frayed-wired sidewinder. A true force of nature.

(Bo Diddley, vocals, guitar; Jerome Green, maracas; Jesse James Johnson, bass; Billy Downing; drums).

“I Can Tell”
Written by: Ellas McDaniel and Samuel Bernard Smith

I can tell because it's plain to see
I can tell the way you look at me
The way you know, you hold my hand
Yes, pretty baby I can understand
I can tell, I can tell
I know you don't love me no more

No more, no more
No more, a-no more
I can tell, I can tell
I know you don't love me no more

I asked your mama and your papa, too
What more can a poor man do?
Now, you been runnin' with a heart-breaker child, around
Yes, a new boy's why you put me down
I can tell, I can tell
I know you don't love me no more


Well, you won't answer your telephone
When I knock on your door
They say that you ain't home
Your sister let me in
And tell me I can wait
When you come home

You show up real late

Now, I can tell
Oh, I can tell
I know you don't love me no more

No more
I said, no more
No more
No more

Baby, I can give you romance
Only if you give me another chance
I'll cook your food and wash your clothes
I promise I'll keep your warm when it get cold

I can tell
I can tell
I know you don't love me no more

No more


No more

A-no more.

Take Up Thy Rock 'N Roll Stethoscope and Walk,

Enjoy this single cc of Diddley

Bo Diddley-I Can Tell by doctormooney
MP3: Bo Diddley – “I Can Tell”

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