Locked and Loaded: The Dead Weather, "A Child of a Few Hours is Burning To Death"

On the flipside of “I Cut Like A Buffalo,” The Dead Weather take on the obscure West Coast Pop Art Experimental track, "A Child of a Few Hours is Burning To Death" with pure vengeance. It’s an unrelenting attack that delivers an explosive, footstompin’ depth charge of quivering energy and chug-a-chug-chug, powerhouse graveyard bliss.

Music Row’s favorite son, Jack White barks out some of the most frightful, whiskey-soaked lyrics that our rock 'n roll stethoscopes have ever heard: "A child of a few hours/is burning to death/her eyes are full of smoke/her mouth is full of fire/napalm is perfect for women and children," Not to be outdone, Alison Mosshart aka Baby Ruthless, cries out some choice lyrics of her own: "We should have called Suzie and Bobby/They like to watch fire." Poor children. All this savage absurdity is anchored by a rhythm section that besieges the listener, drumming with unshakable raucous grooves and switchblade garage cool.

Patients, this is a track that really cooks - some might call it pure musical excellence.

Take Up Thy Rock 'N Roll Stethoscope and Walk,

Enjoy this single cc of The Dead Weather...

MP3: The Dead Weather – “A Child of a Few Hours is Burning To Death”

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Hot damn, doc! Been looking for this!!!!!!

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