The Black Keys Slay Peel Session at Old Corn Exchange

This is a good one, patients.

To celebrate the release of The Black Keys’ sensational new long player, Brothers, the doctors and nursemaids would like to open up the asylum vaults and serve up a slice of pounding glycerin-laced distortion from the wicked messengers’ Peel Session at the Old Corn Exchange in Brighton, England.

In 2003, The Black Keys took their rock 'n blues menagerie to the UK and recorded three Peel Sessions (Maide Vale 4, Peel Acres, Old Corn Exchange) for the BBC’s patron saint of disc jockeys, John Peel.

The Old Corn Exchange session exhibits all that is great about the primitive, soul-squeezed two-ring stomp of The Black Keys: lusting midnight moans, raunchy fuzzed-out licks and irresistible soulful grit. Throughout the seven song set their double barreled, locomotion blues chug bleeds crude urgent stomps and overwhelming throbbing blasts of distorted blazing energy – the kind of bad-assed, junkyard scuzz that busts cracks in the foundation, depletes the ozone and taunts the listeners’ eardrums.

This knock out set is a total success on all fronts, especially after the full-blown, rusted nail hollers of “Heavy Soul.” John Peel closes out the show by saying, “It’s not in my contract to come and speak to you at after the bands have played, but I think you’ll agree with me, what is so great about these two, is they just don’t know how good they are.” Indeed.

Take Up Thy Rock 'N Roll Stethoscope and Walk,

Enjoy these 8cc of The Black Keys…

October 28, 2003
Producer - Andy Rogers
Engineer - Jamie Hart
Studio – Old Corn Exchange

The Black Keys are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney

MP3: John Peel Intro
MP3: “Thickfreakness”
MP3: “Busted”
MP3: “Yearnin’”
MP3: “The Breaks”
MP3: “Have Love Will Travel”
MP3: “No Trust”
MP3: “Heavy Soul”

The Lone Star Seduction of Townes Van Zandt’s “Waiting Around To Die”
The Gypsy Tinged Soul of The Mumlers, "Don’t Throw Me Away"
The Heavy Unleash Sinister “Sixteen”
Run Away with Taj Mahal’s “Leaving Trunk”
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I`m so glad, that doctor Mooneys`s 115th Dream is back now. Love your posts. They give and gave me so much

Doctor Mooney said...

Glad to be back. Thanks so much for stopping by, really appreciate it. Make sure to stop on back for some more musical dosage!

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omg, this is AWESOME. Thank you!!

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Thanks for the love.
If anybody wants the other two of their 2003 Sessions...

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